When we decided to get into VoIP services, we didn’t want to settle for just any old VoIP phone system. We wanted a top end, full featured system that would keep up with today’s communication needs. Out VoIP system allows you to make and take calls from anywhere with the full featured app. You can connect it to Teams in O365 and you can use it with most traditional IP phones. Here are a couple of the great benefits to our VoIP system

Budget Friendly

Most VoIP systems are priced per user per month, but we found a unique provider that gives us more flexibility with pricing. So we can do a much lower per user fee and then bill for the call paths needed (think traditional phone line). This allows us to be cheaper on almost every system we bid, getting you all the features you need at a price you’ll LOVE.

As Mobile as you are

Our phone system lets you connect to an app on your cell, use Microsoft Teams, a soft phone on your PC or a desk phone. Whatever meets your particular needs! Couple all the different connection options with features like voicemail to email, and you have a solution that will keep you connected wherever you might be!

Never Down

Our VoIP platform is hosted in multiple locations with failover between them. Your phones are always available because we use robust backend hosting and the ability to use the cell phone app in the event you lose internet.

Flexible Solutions

The Bazar Solutions VoIP platform is versatile. You can opt for the features you want, and we can customize it to fit any business out there. Need a basic phone system that’s more budget friendly? You got it! Need advanced call center features, including call recording and call queues? Done. Big or small, we can help create a VoIP solution for you!


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