We understand that when people come to a managed service provider, they are looking for the best IT services for THIER business.  And every business is different, so we created different plans to help business owners narrow in on the IT services that are right for them.  We even made a few 'statements' that we feel most businesses can put themselves into to help get a direction on what IT services do you really need.  Check it out here - What IT Service is right for me?

So, what is ManagedCare?  As the header says, if you require great IT support, but might not have specific compliance regulations or cybersecurity to worry about, then ManagedCare might be right for you.  We basically took our 'legacy' managed service plan (before we started focusing on Cybersecurity), updated it a bit and renamed it to ManagedCare.  This gives you access to our top notch IT Support and help desk, and our engineers will keep your systems up to date and monitored.

Our Honest Opinion - we think CompleteCare is the better plan for companies in today’s highly regulated environment.  Very few businesses don't fall under state or federal privacy laws, and on top of that most insurance companies are now asking about cybersecurity and how prepared your business is. But if you feel your business isn’t a data rich target and your looking for solid IT support – ManagedCare is what your looking for.

Our ManagedCare IT Support offering includes:

Unlimited IT Support

You have full access to our help desk and our highly trained technicians. Call in when you need help, don't worry about a set number of support hours or any other restrictions.  And, when you do call in you will get connected to one of our techs that undergo constant training.  We train all our IT support pros via internal training and top online training sites to make sure they are up to date on all the latest.


24x7 monitoring of your computers, servers and major network equipment.  We proactively look for hardware and software issues so we can fix them before they turn into a problem that affects your productivity.


Patching is an important part of your cybersecurity plan.  Bazar Solutions technicians keep your systems up to date with the latest security patches and software updates. We can help update your line of business apps, as well as the most common apps, like Microsoft products, Adobe, most browsers and other major vendors.

Endpoint and Server Security

We believe that legacy Anti-Virus just can’t keep up, so we deploy enhanced, next gen endpoint security to all your devices. Using cloud security scanning and machine learning to detect security issues before other, more basic products.   We also secure your servers and network infrastructure with the same industry leading products and by using industry standard best practices and configurations.

Basic Backup

We include Imaged based backups for your servers. You can rest easy knowing that your servers and important data are all protected and the data is safe in the cloud. If you need a quicker recovery solution, we can upgrade to our disaster recovery solutions so downtime will forever be a thing of the past.  All our backups are constantly monitored and tested, so you know your data is safe.

Our Expertise

We will always be on the lookout for technologies that could benefit your business. Many times these are just features or software that you already have access too (there are so many cool apps in Office 365 that most people don’t use!).


What Every Business Owner Must Know About Hiring an Honest, Competent, Responsive and Fairly Priced Computer Consultant

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Not sure ManagedCare is the right package for you? Which one of these describes you best? Or, just give us a call and we can help you sort through the services.

Technology is critical to my business and I have cybersecurity or compliance worries. I value quality IT services and I’m looking for hassle-free, high value, IT support and technology guidance.

I am less worried about cybersecurity because I’m not in a regulated industry, but I do require quality remote and onsite IT support from reliable experts.

I need Cybersecurity services, but my company has minimal day to day IT support needs. Most of our apps are cloud-based.