Since 2009 we have been serving the great state of Texas with a focus on bringing big business IT solutions to the SMB community.  As technology has evolved, so has our service offerings.  We have added in more robust Cybersecurity solutions, better backup solutions and we keep refining our support process as well.

In 2019 we felt like it was a great time to open a location in Killeen.  We have a tech that lives in Killeen to help with all the onsite work, while helpdesk calls all go to our main office.  If your business is in the Killeen area and you are looking for top-notch IT support, look no further!  And if you have an IT services provider that you’re not happy with then – Call BS on them (Bazar Solutions)!

Killeen business owners, which of these best describes you?

Technology is critical to my business and I have cybersecurity or compliance worries. I value quality IT services and I’m looking for hassle-free, high value, IT support and technology guidance.

I am less worried about cybersecurity because I’m not in a regulated industry, but I do require quality remote and onsite IT support from reliable experts.

I need Cybersecurity services, but my company has minimal day to day IT support needs. Most of our apps are cloud-based.

IT Support for Killeen | Temple | Belton | Copperas Cove
Phone: 254 312-4360


What Every Business Owner Must Know About Hiring an Honest, Competent, Responsive and Fairly Priced Computer Consultant

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