Looking for Houston IT Services? Bazar Solutions is located in North Houston and we provide managed IT services for the Houston Metro area. If you have outgrown your current Houston IT Services provider, or maybe you just aren’t happy with them. Then Call BS on them and give Bazar Solutions a call today!

Looking for Managed IT Services in Houston? Which one of these best describes you:

Technology is critical to my business and I have cybersecurity or compliance worries. I value quality IT services and I’m looking for hassle-free, high value, IT support and technology guidance.

I am less worried about cybersecurity because I’m not in a regulated industry, but I do require quality remote and onsite IT support from reliable experts.

I need Cybersecurity services, but my company has minimal day to day IT support needs. Most of our apps are cloud-based.

Bazar Solutions has been in business for over a decade! In 2020 we opened an office in the Houston area to help business owners get top notch IT services for their companies. We have seen so many sub-par managed IT providers who don’t really grasp the whole business. They show up and fix your broken stuff, but never step back and look at the way the business operates, what cybersecurity do you need or how can you improve workflow? One of our strengths is in providing SOLUTIONS to the businesses of Houston. Technology that brings real savings and change, real improvement to the workplace, whether it’s work from home or just streamlined access to all your data. Give us a call today to find out how we can help your Houston business with top shelf IT services.

Bazar Solutions – Houston
100 Glenborough Dr
Suite 429A
Houston, TX 77060
Phone: 281-417-4460


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