We've all heard the saying, "You get what you tolerate." Unfortunately, companies seem to be getting away with charging more for worse service by blaming things like the labor shortage, COVID, and inflation. But don't settle for subpar treatment!

Sure, you might be able to tolerate a mediocre vendor here and there but imagine if all your tech suddenly stopped working. You'd be up a creek without a paddle! Don't take the chance, demand top-notch service from your providers.

These are the ten common problems and, for lack of a better word, failures from IT companies we hear all the time.

  1. When your IT company sends you straight to voice mail and keeps you waiting for hours (or days) for someone to call you back.
  2. You have to reach out multiple times to check the status of tickets and get a timeframe for a resolution.
  3. Your IT company isn’t proactive in monitoring your computers and checking the vulnerability of your systems to attacks.
  4. There is no proof that they are backing up ALL your data and devices.
  5. They don’t reach out regularly to report what they’ve been working on for you, ways they can help improve your network’s performance and instead they wait till a problem arises to make suggestions.
  6. Your IT company doesn’t give you detailed invoices that clearly state what you are paying for.
  7. They don’t clearly explain what they are doing and answer questions in terms that are easily understandable and not in their own jargon.
  8. Your IT company doesn’t actively discuss security and make recommendations on ways to improve and protect your network.
  9. Your IT company hasn’t provided complete network documentation, refusing to give you admin passwords so you’re out of luck if a problem arises and you cannot get ahold of them.
  10. Techs show up late and look like they just rolled out of bed, and treat you like you should be grateful that they’re even helping you out even though that is exactly what you’re paying for.

Don't put up with common IT problems that could be costing you more than just frustration. Subpar support could put your company at risk, jeopardizing your data and security.

Plus, dealing with these issues can drain your productivity and resources. It's time to explore your options and ensure you're getting what you pay for.

As always you can take our Free Security Assessment to see how vulnerable your network is to cyber-attacks or contact us to schedule a free 10-minute call to see how we can best help your company.