PatchingIt’s 2021, and here we are talking about how you need to keep your IT systems up to date. You would think we would be past this by now, but Google recently reported that 25% of all Zero-Day exploits in use by bad actors could be avoided if systems were just up to date and patched. Twenty Five Percent!

So, why are we still talking about it? It’s not like you, as a business owner, have lots to do, right? Sitting around, eating bon bons with your feet on the desk. The reality is, you’re busy! Really busy! You have to navigate running your business during a global pandemic, while it’s freezing cold outside and your power just got shut off. Sounds like the reason you signed up for this job, right?

We find that most of the time systems aren’t patched and up to date because people are just to busy. They don’t have the time and it slides to the bottom of the list, if it makes the list at all. But the reality is, it’s important. You business means to much to get shut down by some hacker looking to make a quick buck. All the hard work that you put into the business should be your reward, not the bad guys. What can you do about it?

You have a couple options:

1 - Don’t do them! This method is often used by those overwhelmed to even think about IT and how important it is to their business. Stuck in the day to day, it never even crosses your mind that you should run security updates. We see this more than we should, but we can empathize with why it happens.

2 - Set them to automatic and hope. You can go into your windows settings and all the other apps you use, set the updates to automatic, and then hope they all run without issue. Often they really do run but then busy employees keep hitting that ‘reboot later’ button, so it takes longer than it should to apply the updates. The second issue here is that many of your apps don’t update automatically, or get ignored.

3 – Outsource it – We can help! With our full suite of IT management products we can be your IT Support provider. Let these day to day IT tasks fall to us so you can focus on your business

Patching your IT systems is important and should be done regularly. Both for security and stability. It’s the day to day maintenance that your technology requires to run at it’s best, but so very often it gets stuck at the bottom of the pile. Don’t become a hacker statistic, and one that could be easily avoided. Make sure your systems are patched and up to date, and if your to busy, give us a call – we can help easy your technology burden!